26 agosto 2012



Letra por Ivan Niño
Música y voz por Juanjo González

i wanna know what 
freedom tastes like
freedom to be wanted
to be yourself

don't be afraid to 
to be set loose
feel the freedom around you
and get ready to fly

look up to the sky 
and see the lights
understand a man 
can change the stars

freedom to rise up
freedom to be heard
throw yourself in the open
feel no fear to fall hard
you'll reborn from the ashes
then u'll be alive
go across the sky
try and touch a star

look up to the sky
and see the moon 
an endless light 
that glows the night

free, let yourself be free
eventhough the road is hard 
be ready to give in
allow yourself to enjoy life

look up to the sky
not to pray NOR TO CRY
get rid of your sorrow
you can change the stars

look up the sky 
jump around the clouds
feel no fear to fall hard
cos ur ready to fly

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